Fábrica de Salsa - Who we are

Fábrica de Salsa was founded 15 years ago by Luis González. The enthusiasm and and love for this dance and its music motivated Luis, to cultivate Salsa in Basel. He wanted Basel to also fall in love with this charming, playful and elegant dance. The most important pillar of our philosophy is the strong believe, that absolutely everybody is able to learn how to dance Salsa, no matter his heritage, talent, age or nationality. We invest enough time for each student and accompany you on your way to become a Salsa dancer.

We offer a wide variety of classes and workshops for all levels (Beginner to Advanced) in various styles. We mainly teach linear style, Salsa On1, but also Bachata (dominican style), Lady Styling and Salsa On2 (New York Style/Mambo). During our regular workshop days we offer additional dance classes, to enhance your repertoire (i.e. ChaChaCha, Rueda de Casino, Musicality & History, Tango Argentino etc.).

We are experienced teachers since many years with a profound knowledge of dancing and teaching. It is important for us to have our classes well structured and thought through so that we have enough time to help and correct every student individually where needed. We teach in a clear, easy and humorous manner and we allow enough time for repetitions to tighten the freshly learned steps and patterns. Besides teaching classical turn patterns, we set a high value on technique, feeling for rhythm, musicailty and body movements.

Veronica Forter

Veronica, with filipino roots, entered the Salsa scene in 2008 in a class at Fabrica de Salsa. Fascinated by the music and the movements and the resulting connections of people with different cultures, Veronica started with Salsa Puertorriqueña. After a long stay abroad, where she attended regular workshops and festivals, she came back to Switzerland with a big dancing experience. Since 2017 she is the head of Fabrica de Salsa. In her classes, she sets a great value on having enough time for every student, to support their development. She loves to share her passion for dancing with her students and enjoys the creativity and happiness of Salsa. For her, the love for Salsa is a matter of the heart, no matter where in the world you go dancing. Besides dancing and teaching Salsa, Veronica is also a passionate Tango dancer (www.tangodancers.ch) and does not miss out on Yoga classes at YogaNow (www.yoganow-basel.ch) to form the basics of her dancing technique.

Luis González

Luis is from Santiago de Chile and grew up in a family of part time musicians. As a student he found hs way to dance through the caribbean music and got addicetd to Salsa, Merengue, Cumbia etc. His travels through Europe brought him to Switzerland in 1993 where he started studying again and taught spanish. 1998 he started teaching Salsa for Unisport students and at the Migros Klubschule. This helped him gather a lot of experience in teaching and allowed him to develop his own, unique, personal and humorous teaching style. Attending workshops nationally and internationally, i.e. with Franky Martinez, Eddie Tores, Leon Rose, Magna Copal or Melissa Rosado, gave him the opportunity to pick from all these teaching techniques the ones that fit his style the best. Several longer stays in Nw York affected and formed his dance style the most. He started dancing and loving NewYork-Style 'On2'. On travels to Cuba he intensly learned 'Rueda de Casino'. His dance style is a mix of the cuban temper and the elegance of puertorican Salsa 'On1' and 'On2'. Besides his dancing experiences worldwide that he passed on to his students with a lot of passion, he worked as a choreographer and did some shows. In 2015, Luis successfully finished his education as a Yoga teacher and opened up the Iyengar Yoga school YogaNow (www.yoganow-basel.ch) in Basel, right across the hall of the Fabrica de Salsa Studio. He is teaching and passionately dancing also Tango Argentino at www.tangodancers.ch.

Flavia Müller

Dancing, sports and movement were always a part of my life. I started with rhythmic gymnastics, gymnastics and then Capoeira to end up completely with dance. For a few years I was part of the Hip Hop and Street Dance Showgroup "Dance Animation" and since 2009 I found my way to Salsa, Cha Cha Cha, Bachata and Kizomba. My first Salsa lessons were with Luis, but then I attended also classes and workshops from other schools and attended to broaden my horizon. Since 2009 I attend national and international Congresses and festials where I take workshops and private lessons with world renowned instructors. Like this, I can profit from many different teaching styles to use in my own classes. To have a more profound knowledge and to be a better teacher, I am attending the 3 years education to be a swissdance Salsa teacher that should be finished in 2018. Most of the times, I am the first one to enter the dance floor and the last one to leave. Besides teaching I also love to perform. The last few years I performed in Bootcamp Showgroups on national and international stages with Afrolatin Connection (Kizomba & Afro House), Korke & Judith, Kike & Fania (Bachata) or Euphoria Dance Company (Salsa on2) and with the showgroup of Salsabrosa (Bachata). My first passion is Salsa (on1, on2 and cubana), but you will see me storm the dance floor whenever the DJ plays Cha Cha Cha or Bachata or Semba.

Maite Lachner

Salsa fascinated me since very long and so I decided in 2015 to attend classes with Luis, motivated to learn something new, to move and to dance with happy and nice people. This is very I caught the Salsa fever and I can't live anymore without Salsa. I am an outgoing person with spanish roots who loves to help, so I decided to help out and become a teacher as well. I am always extremely happy and satisfied after my classes or a dancing night out. Salsa is my Hobby and my passion.

Catherine Thommen

coming soon

Wilson Meja

In my opinion, music is the best way to relax after a stressful or hectic day. Dancing is one way, to find your inner balance. I am from the dominican republic and live in Basel since 2004. In dancing, i set a great value on the history, the music is trying to tell, and a traditional Bachata song always drags me to the dance floor. In my heart I have lots of energy and passion that I gathered through latinamerican rhythms. This energy and passion I am trying to transport while teaching or DJ-ing and dancing.

Zana De Campos Moraes

I am a graphic designer, illustrator and Salsa teacher. I was born in Lisbon, Portugal and live in Basel since 2013. I started with Salsa in 2009 and later had a professsional education as Salsa teacher at EDSAE, Lisbon. During my education to reach the Superior Degree in Dance (FMH) I experienced many styles like Ballett, Modern, Contemporary, all kinds of Social Dancing and Hip Hop. I attended classes and workshops with Portuguese dancers like Bibi Fernandes, Vanda Furtado and the italian choreographer Marco de Camillis. I attended regularly also the World Salsa Congress and danced worldwide, but I prefer dancing in Spain and Nicaragua.

Rebekka Wehrli

My passion for dancing started rather late. When I was 24, I was looking for a new Hobby and started taking ballroom classes - where I got in touch with Salsa for the first time. I knew immediately, that I would concentrate on this passionate and happy dance. Since 2009, Salsa is my biggest passion. Since then, I visited several national and international Salsa congresses (i.e in Zurich, St. Gallen, Milan, Freiburg etc.) and educated myself in many workshops. When you meet me on the dance floor, you will quickly see that I can't sit still when the DJ plays Mambo, Pachanga and Cha Cha Cha and that I prefer to dance "on2".