Bootcamp mit Lisa & Samuel
Mittwoch, 11. September 2019

The new generation, the happy mind. Lisa is a happy and creative soul.
The dance floor is the place where she can fly, express herself and let go. She is known for her beautiful bodymovement and armstyling, her knowledge about musicality, her ability to dance different styles, her inspiring shows and her soft following. 

Instead of following the latest trends, she always made her own way by creating her outstanding style. Actually, she should be a happy bird flying towards the sun. That didn’t work out so she became a dancer. 

Jeweils Donnerstag, 02.02.23 bis 23.03.23 von 19h15 bis 22h15.
Fusion Ladystyle 19h15 bis 20h15 & Showgruppe On2 20h15 bis 21h15 & Technique/Musicality 21h15 bis 22h15.

Einstieg jederzeit möglich!

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